As you may have figured out by this point, there are three types of personal lubricants on the market. These three types are silicone based lubricant, water based lubricants, and oil based lubricants (sometimes referred to as massage lubricants or even massage oils). This site has introductory videos on all three types of lubricant to give you some basic information about them.

So now that you have check out the videos and articles, you get that there are three kinds. You get what they are each supposed to be used for, and not used for, and what their pros and cons are – perfect. However, what happens when you might want to mix them? There could be a variety of reasons – maybe you have just given your partner a mind blowing massage with an oil based lubricants ,and now you want to go down on them with a water based flavored lubricant. Or perhaps you have been using a water based lubricants for manual stimulation because you were assistant by silicone toys, and now you want the long lasting power of silicone lubricant while you use a metal or glass toy to continue the pleasure.

The easy answer is yes, you can mix different types of lubes as needed. Unlike some chemistry class projects, you do not have to worry about two different lubes resulting in chemical combustion, or creating a noxious gas. In fact, Pink Unity lubricant and Sliquid Silk lubricant are two lubes that are actually pre-made blends of silicone based and water based lubricants, put together into a fabulous mix. Clearly, there is no issue with the blending of these two types of lubricants.

So the issues where it can get sticky (pun so intended) is the where and the what that are being lubricated. For example, oil based lubricant should never be used in/on the vulva, vagina or anus, and definitely not with latex condoms, dams, gloves, or really any toys. Ergo, if you’re giving someone a back massage with a massage oil, make sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water before going to roll on a condom (because the oil could cause the latex to break) or sliding your fingers inside someone’s vagina, even if you’re adding a nice size dollop of water based lubricants. Another issue that might cause problems is if you’ve been penetrating someone with fingers or a penis covered in silicone based lubricant (or a hybrid silicone-water base lubricant, like mentioned above), and then want to switch to using a silicone sex toy with water based lube. The left over silicone based lubricant could cause the toy to degrade, because silicone lubricant and silicone toys are not at all compatible.

Basically, keep the following in mind. Silicone and water based lubes are great for anywhere in the body, and are compatible with all safer sex supplies, and all metal, glass and porcelain toys. Water based lubricants is the only one safer to use with silicone toys. Oil based lubes should stay on the outside of the body, away from barriers like condoms, gloves and dams, and away from toys. When deciding which lubes to mix together, or to switch from one to another, think about where you might be going, and what you’ll be using, and choose accordingly. Of course, you can always wash hands, bodies, and toys in between if need be.