Also known as the Gräfenberg Spot, the G-spot is an area in the vagina that is said to be especially sensitive. Stimulating the g-spot can be pleasurable for some women, resulting in powerful (and often more frequent) orgasms.

The G-spot is said to be located on the top wall (towards the stomach), about 1-3 inches into the vagina. It is bean-shaped, and it often has a rough texture.

While many women report that G-spot stimulation enhances sex, not all women can locate their G-spots, and some do not find stimulation pleasurable. As with all erogenous zones, the G-spot is not exactly the same from person to person.

Some stimulating gels are said to enhance G-spot sensitivity, usually through the use of menthol or another “”tingling”” ingredient. These gels may enhance stimulation by drawing blood flow to the G-spot and by drawing the users’ attention the area.