As more and more people have discovered the joys and benefits of using lubricants during sexual activity, people have lots of questions about how using lubricants during different life stages and health states might either support or worsen someone’s health. A frequently asked question in this area is regarding pregnant women and lubricants. People want to know if it is indeed safe for pregnant women to use lubricants while they are pregnant, what ingredients they should watch out for, and if there is any benefit to using lube while being pregnant and sexually active.


While people may be concerned, there have not been any publicized cases of miscarriages, illness or fetal damage cause by lubricant use during pregnancy. If you are someone (or the partner of someone) who is being very cautious and conscientious of the types of ingredients you are putting in your body during pregnancy, it might behoove you to go for an all natural, glycerin and paraben free lubricant during your pregnancy. Wet Naturals is a line of natural lubricants, and all lubricants from Sliquid free of both glycerin and parabens. Additionally, 100% medical grade silicone toys have been given the ok for use during pregnancy by both doctors and midwives, so a good quality silicone based lubricant like Gun Oil or Pjur Bodyglide that contains only silicone ingredients and no additives would also be a good choice for use while pregnant. However, even if you just use the old standby of KY Jelly or Astroglide, there have not been any documented problems in pregnant women or their partners, and you should still be good to go.


As far as whether it is good or bad to use lubricant during sex with pregnant folks, the answer is that lube is always a good idea. In some women, pregnancy can result in more added natural lubrication, and that’s wonderful. However, in other women, the change in hormone levels can dry up their natural lubrication, requiring the use of additional lubes. Also, some partners prefer non-vulvar sex or non-penetrative sex during pregnancy, and things like hand jobs and manual stimulation feel much better with lubrication, while anal sex or stimulation of any sort requires lubrication to feel good and prevent the tearing of anal tissue. Making sure that everything stays lubricated can help reduce friction during sexual activity. Too much friction can lead to the tearing of delicate vulvar and anal tissues, which in turn can result in increase risk for bacterial infections. By using lubricant, you lower these risks, making healthy situations for the pregnant woman, which means that using lubricant is a great choice.


Additionally, many doctors and midwives suggesting using lubricant and massaging the rim of the vaginal opening, especially in the third trimester, to prepare it to be stretched during childbirth, limiting the concern for vaginal tearing during labor. Ergo – lubricant can have many uses in the home and bedroom of a pregnant woman. So figure out your favor brand of lube, and stock up!