Touted as an ancient form of full-body therapy, Nuru massage has gained popularity over the last several years. This is partially due to the widespread availability of Nuru massage lubricant – and partially due to the fact that when performed correctly, Nuru is incredibly fun.

The word “Nuru” means “slippery,” and it’s difficult to think of a more descriptive term. A couple will cover themselves in massage liquid and take turns rubbing each other down over a slick surface. It’s considered extremely sensual, and it’s often practiced as a form of foreplay.

If you’re interested in trying Nuru massage, here’s a quick starter guide.

Choose an Appropriate Surface – For a truly authentic experience, you’ll need to enjoy your massage on a slippery surface. You can use a vinyl air mattress (don’t get the kind with a felt top) or invest in some Nuru massage sheets, which are made from a water-resistant plastic. You definitely can’t use your normal sheets, since the lube will go right through to your mattress.

Get the Right Lubricant – You could use any water-based lubricant for Nuru massage, but for the best experience, we recommend a lube that’s designed specifically for the task at hand. Wet’s Nuru Massage Gel and Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel are excellent options.

Both come in a concentrated form, so you can add more water to get a thinner consistency. Prepare your gel a few minutes before you start your massage; make sure it’s warm enough, as you’ll be rubbing the liquid over your entire body.

Note that these products are designed for Nuru massage and foreplay; they’re inexpensive and safe for all skin types, but they’re typically not formulated for sex. Switch to an approved sexual lubricant before taking things to the next level.

Bathe Together – Once you’ve set up your massage area, take a shower or a bath with your partner. This is a traditional step in Nuru massage, and it serves two purposes. By getting rid of dirt and other contaminants, you’ll be able to enjoy a slick body-to-body feeling, and the extra water will enhance the slippery qualities of the gel. Remember, you don’t need to dry off before starting your massage — you want to start out wet.

Experiment, Massage, and Play – Take turns with one partner acting as the masseuse and the other as the recipient. Try out different techniques, but try to emphasize full-body contact, since that’s what sets Nuru apart from other types of massage.

You may wish to lay out a towel as a pillow for the recipient. It’s also a good idea to keep an extra towel nearby just in case you need to quickly dry off your hands.

Clean and Dry Off – When you’re finished, you can hop back in the shower to wash the gel away (be careful – while water-based gels wash away with soap and water, they can still make some surfaces very slippery). If you bought Nuru sheets, you should clean them according to their instructions, but most are machine washable. You can wipe down air mattresses with a clean, dry towel.

If you’re looking for a new type of sensual experience, Nuru massage fits the bill perfectly. Be sure to prepare properly beforehand (and remember to pick up an extra lubricant for sex, since most Nuru gels aren’t designed for penetrative use), and you’re in for an exotic treat.