One of the less fabulous parts of having genitals is the infections that can come along with them. Some of these infections, like STIs (sexually transmitted infections) come solely from having sexual activity with a another person, while others, such as yeast infections and urinary tract infections, can have multiple ways to get into your system.

Yeast infections are caused by a fungus (rather than a bacteria or virus) called Candida. It exists in the body (mouths, vaginas and other areas) in small amounts all of the time. However, sometimes there is an over growth of the Candida fungus, and that is what causes what we call “yeast infections.” In your mouth, it is sometimes called thrush; elsewhere, we just name it a general yeast infection. Most yeast infections in the vagina are not caused by sexual activity. Other causes that can trigger yeast infections are stress, lack of sleep, certain dietary choices, some illnesses, pregnancy, menstruating, and certain medications.

However, in some cases, yeast infections in the vagina can be triggered by sexual activity. One trigger can be using products that contain sugar, like some flavored lubricants (anything that contains fructose, sucrose, corn syrup, etc) or things like whipped cream or chocolate syrup. While these products are fine for use else where on the body like the nipples, lips, etc, and even on the penis and testicles, you should keep them away from the vagina, vulva and even anus to prevent triggering a yeast infection.

Some people are even more sensitive and prone to yeast infections than the general population. These folks should not only stay away from products mentioned in the previous paragraph, but should also be careful to look for lubricants that do not contain glycerin. Glycerin is connected to glucose, which is sugar. Those who have glycerin sensitivities and those who are prone to frequent yeast infections may find that using lubricants (and even soaps) that contain glycerin can trigger yeast infections in their body.

If you do think that you have or a partner has a yeast infection, make sure you go to your doctor to get the proper treatment. Moving forward, make sure that you are choosing lubricants that do not contain any sugar derivatives or glycerin. All of Sliquid’s line of lubricants are glycerin free, as are many others, like Maximus, Wet Naturals, etc. All pure silicone lubricants are glycerin free as well as hypoallergenic.