Originally, this was supposed to be an article on the pros and cons of using anal desensitizers. However, from a medical point of view, as well as a sex positive viewpoint, there are in fact no pros to using these anal numbing agents.


Most folks are not aware of this, but many lubes and most sex toys are not monitored or enforced by the FDA or any other governmental body. This means that just because an item is available for purchase, the consumer has no guarantee of it being safe for their body. Anal desensitizers are one such product that is available on the market, but can actually cause a lot of damage to your body.


Let’s talk for a moment as to why numbing your anus is a bad thing. Anal tissue is some of the most delicate tissue in the body. When you insert anything into the anus, such as fingers, toys or a penis, you have to be very careful to do it carefully, so as not to tear the anal tissue. Tears that occur in the anus can result in pain, bacterial infections, and increased risk for transmission of sexually transmitted infections. If you or your partner begin to feel pain during the insertion of anything anally, that if your body giving you a warning that it isn’t ready, and to stop. If there is pain, taking some time to relax, using a small object, adding more lubricant, and communicating more can help you to reduce pain and the possibility of anal tears.


The issue with anal desensitizers is that their only purpose is to stop your body from feeling this pain. However, they do nothing to stop your tissue from actually having micro fissures or tears. Ergo, when these anal numbing agents are used, you could be hurting your body, but because you cannot feel it happening, you are not able to stop and adjust to prevent hurting yourself.


A comparison to this might be like taking a pain killer and then punching the wall. True, it may not hurt much, or even at all – the pain killers are helping to numb and eliminate the pain. However, although you might not FEEL the pain, your hand may in fact be broken, or at the very least, is certainly bruised. After the numbing wears off, your hand is going to be hurting, because you have in fact injured it. The same is true for your anus – after the numbing wears off, you can experience pain from the tears, or you may end up with light anal bleeding or a bacterial infection.


Anal sex should never actually hurt – people enjoy having anal sex because it feels GOOD. While there might be pressure with insertion, any pain means to stop, and change something. If you’re new to putting things in your butt, make sure you use lots of lubricant, take your time and listen to your body. If something is hurting, rather than numbing it with an anal desensitizer, try slowing down, try something smaller, and adding a bit more lube.


Take care of your body! Choose anal friendly lubricants like Maximus, Sliquid, Gun Oil, Pjur Bodyglide, and Slippery Stuff. The right lube, timing and partner can make anal sex fun and enjoyable, and eliminate your need for anal desensitizers.