• Lube 101 Definitions

    Cellulose Gum

    Cellulose Gum (also called Carboxymethylcellulose) is a thickening agent made from plant fibers.  Cellulose Gum is considered to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic.  Often used in every day items such as food and drinks to give distinct texture.  Lubricant manufacturers have been safely using Cellulose Gum for years as a way to thicken up an otherwise thin liquid.  Can turn liquid lube to a gel lubricant.

    Benzyl Alcohol

    Benzyl Alcohol is a naturally occurring solvent that is used as a preservative. Benzyl alcohol is produced naturally by many plants and is commonly found in fruits and teas. It is also found in a variety of essential oils, gels, and lubricants.  Allergic reactions to benzyl alcohol can be fairly common, especially topical reactions and rashes.

    Benzoic Acid

    Benzoic acid and benzoates are common additions to many products such as sexual lubricants, foods, and other house hold products.  They are designed and used to kill or inhibit both bacteria and fungi.  Benzoic acid is a preservative which is safe when used in small quantities.



    Acacia Senegal Gum

    (also known as gum arabic) Sap pulled directly from the acacia tree. Acacia Senegal Gum has been known to be added to many different everyday products such food, inks, and paints as an emulsifier. An emulsifier acts as a stabilization agent for products with different ingredients.  It keeps ingredients of different densities from separating out when the lube has been sitting too long (like oil sitting in water). Acacia Senegal Gum is considered generally safe and is consumed by humans daily in types of foods and soft drinks.

    Borosilicate Glass

    A type of glass commonly used in the production of sex toys. Borosilicate is more resilient than other types of glass; it uses silica and boron oxide to prevent cracking and shattering. It is exceptionally smooth and completely non porous.

    Borosilicate sex toys can be cleaned with soap and water or with specialized toy cleaners. Many glass toys can also be boiled, allowing for complete sanitization.

    Gag Reflex

    A reflexive contraction that occurs when an object contacts the back of the throat. Biologically, the gag reflex helps to prevent choking and suffocation, as it can clear the airway of food and other obstructions.

    The gag reflex may be suppressed with practice or through the use of numbing agents, allowing for “deep throating” during oral sex. When numbing agents are used (common examples include lidocaine, benzocaine, and certain herbal extracts), users must be careful to avoid injury during intense sex, since the numbing effect will prevent nerves from registering pain.

    Shibari Ropes

    A type of bondage rope. The word “shibari” means “to tie” in Japanese, and the term is thought to derive from hojōjutsu, a punishment technique used on Samurai prisoners beginning in the 15th century. Shibari ropes became popular in erotic play sometime in the 1800s or early 1900s.

    Many practitioners of shibari create complex and artistic patterns with ropes to hold the submissive partner in place, but simple ties and knots are also popular. Complex rope arrangements may provide an added aesthetic stimulus for both partners. Shibari ropes are typically very soft and comfortable for the submissive, and a variety of materials are used for different effects.

    Double Penetration

    A sexual act in which the anus and vagina are penetrated simultaneously.

    While “double penetration” is commonly used to describe group sex, the term can also refer to the use of toys or fingers during solo play or sex with a single partner. As is the case with all types of anal play, it is important to choose safe toys with flared bases when enjoying double penetration and to use appropriate lubrication. Anal toys should not be used vaginally, as this can cause infections.

    Medical Grade

    Indicates that a product is safe for use in medicine. It often refers to medical-grade silicone, a hypoallergenic substance used in various medical and medicinal applications.

    Many lubricant manufacturers use medical-grade silicone. Medical-grade silicone is tested to ensure safety, and these tests are implemented and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Testing helps to show that the silicone doesn’t contain any potentially unsafe additives or contaminants.


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    Red Clover

    The colloquial name of the flowering plant, trifolium pretense. Red Clover is often used as a natural anti-inflammatory and as a libido-enhancing agent. See trifolium pretense for more information

    Lube 101 Definitions

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