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    Olive fruit

    A water-based extract of olea europaea, the common olive plant. Olive fruit is traditionally used to soothe the skin, and it has a high concentration of vitamin E and other antioxidants.

    Olive fruit is distinct from olive oil and olive leaf, which are also commonly used in skin care products and sexual lubricants; olive fruit extract is safe to use with condoms (unlike olive oil).

    Holy Basil / Ocimum Basilicum

    A species of basil that grows in tropical areas. Holy basil has a stronger scent than sweet basil and other common versions of the herb, and there is some evidence that it is an effective anti-inflammatory. Holy basil also appears to act as a painkiller, and the essential oil of the plant may have heart-protective qualities.

    Holy basil is safe, but like all basil species, it can cause mild irritation for users with skin sensitivities. People with blood clotting disorders should check with their physicians before using lubricants and massage oils with this ingredient.

    Origanum Vulgare (Oregano)

    A plant from the mint family, commonly used to flavor foods. Oregano is one of the world’s most popular herbs, and it has been used for centuries as a folk remedy for a variety of conditions including skin inflammation and respiratory issues. However, there is no evidence to suggest that oregano is effective in these types of medicinal applications.

    Oregano contains many antioxidants, and it is used in some skin care products for this reason. It also has a pleasant scent, and it may have some mild antibacterial properties.

    In large amounts, oregano can cause minor health issues, but small amounts of the herb are used in over-the-counter skin products. It is generally considered safe.

    Oleoresin Capsicum

    A substance made from a plant in the capsicum (pepper) family. Oleoresin capsicum creates warming sensations when it comes in contact with the skin or sinuses. It is a safe lubricant ingredient, but it can cause topical irritation and burning for some users.

    See “capsaicin” for more information.


    An acronym for Obstetrics and Gynecology. The term OB/GYN usually refers to a physician who specializes in this field.

    An OB/GYN specializes in the female reproductive health and may prescribe medications including contraceptives. They also provide preventative care and perform common checkups including Pap smears and STI tests.


    A phase of the menstrual cycle in which an ovum (the female reproductive cell) is released into the oviduct. The ovum can be fertilized during this phase, resulting in pregnancy. If the ovum is not fertilized, it is expelled from the body during menstruation.

    The female body typically produces more natural lubrication during ovulation than during other phases of the menstrual cycle. Because of an increase in the production of progesterone, some women may also experience an increased sex drive during ovulation.


    Also known as “earth wax.” A wax used to thicken some lubricants. It is formed naturally through the evaporation of petroleum.

    Refined ozokerite has a texture that resembles commercial petroleum jelly. It is often used along with beeswax. Ozokerite is also found in cosmetics and some industrial lubricants.

    Olive Leaf Extract

    A concentrated extract of Olea eropaea, more commonly known as the olive tree. Many products use the substance for its potential health benefits. Olive leaf extract can carry an extraordinary number of antioxidants, and some animal studies suggest that it may dilate the blood vessels in a beneficial manner.

    Cosmetic manufacturers often use olive leaf extract to restore dry, cracked skin and to reduce inflammation. It is also used in personal lubricants for its skin-friendly properties. Olive leaf extract will not damage latex condoms, and it is a hypoallergenic ingredient.


    A biological event in which all sexual tension is released, resulting in a number of chemical and physiological occurrences. Orgasm is also known as “climax.”

    Men ejaculate semen when experiencing an orgasm, and woman typically experience muscle contractions. Some women experience multiple orgasms while having sex or masturbating, while some people do not have orgasms at all. Climaxing is usually a very pleasurable, pleasant experience. Lubricants, sex toys, and other products can improve the quality or frequency of orgasms.


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    Chemicals used to soften the plastics of some silicone toys. The main purpose of a phthalate is to act as a softener, and they’re commonly found in dozens of products that contain plastics. Phthalates are often abbreviated when listed on product ingredient lists; for instance, dimethyl phthalate is abbreviated as DMP.

    Some studies suggest that phthalates may cause reproductive health issues, and some phthalates may be carcinogenic. However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that phthalates cause harmful effects in extremely low concentrations. Even so, phthalate use has dropped off significantly in recent years due to health concerns.

    Lube 101 Definitions

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