• Lube 101 Definitions


    A shrub grown in desert climates. The oil of the jojoba plant has a nutty aroma and has long-lasting lubricant qualities. Sex lubricant manufacturers often refine the substance to remove the aroma.

    It is also a fungicide, and it is sometimes added in small amounts to personal lubricants to prevent fungal growth. Pure jojoba oil should not be used with latex condoms. Like other vegetable oils, jojoba oil can break down latex and silicone.


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    A vasodilator is a substance that stimulates blood flow by dilating the blood vessels. Sexual enhancement and specialty lubricant products often use vasodilators like yohimbe, ginseng and L-arginine to enhance sexual performance and sensation.

    The efficacy of vasodilators varies considerably. Some vasodilators are potentially dangerous for people with inflammatory lung diseases, but because personal lubricant products work locally, negative side effects are typically rare. Please be aware that if you have a inflammatory disease such as Genital herpes, you should stay away from vasodilators as they can cause a outbreak.

    Lube 101 Definitions

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