Absolutely! For those who don’t know, Sjögren syndrome affects mostly women (90% of those diagnosed with this disorder are female), and results in issues with the endocrine gland. It can happen on its own, or alongside other medical issues, especially those of the rheumatic type.

This endocrine gland is incredibly important, as it helps produce liquids in the body such as tears and saliva…and also vagina lubrication. While personal lubricant is not going to be helpful regarding dry eyes and/or cotton mouth, adding a good quality lubricant below the belt can really help alleviate the vaginal dryness issues that may be associate with Sjögren syndrome.

Why is this type of lubrication important? When vaginal tissue (or anal tissue for that matter) is penetrated (with a finger, penis or toys) without adequate lubrication, it can result in either visual or micro tears of the vaginal or anal tissues. Not only can these hurt at the time and during healing, but bacteria has an easier entrance into the immune system. This means that regular bacterial infection and sexually transmitted infections are more likely to affect you.

The solution is easy. If you have been diagnosed with Sjögren syndrome, make sure you check with your doctor to make sure everything is ok. Then choose a good quality water based or silicone based lubricant. Bodyglide is a great silicone lube, as is Platinum by Wet. As far as water based, the Sliquid line, especially their Organics line, as great, as are the Wet Naturals products. Add as much lube as you need is fine – you can’t over lube yourself. If the water based lube dries out during sexual activity, just add a little water to reactivate it. They also make lube shooters which can inject lube into your vaginal or anus prior to sex, and lubricant suppositories, which can also be used in advance. Remember not to self-diagnose Sjögren syndrome, as some of the symptoms are similar to other medical conditions, and you should see a medical professional to confirm your diagnosis.